4 Natural Healing Methods For Depression

Dealing with the blues does not mean you have to keep on popping those orange pills. Studies show that one of the major deterrents to treating depression is the fear of patients becoming  addicted to anti-depressants.

Conventional anti-depression drugs provide an effective way of treating the condition.

But it is by no means the single cure to this medical illness.  A host of natural methods are safe and effective.  They can improve your mood and alter brain chemistry to take your blues away.

Exercise to boost your mooddepression-exercise

Exercising literally pumps you up because it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphin’s that interacts with your brain receptors and diminish the perception of pain. Much like morphine, endorphin’s suppress pain by triggering a feeling of happiness and a positive outlook.

Unlike morphine though, endorphin’s are naturally occurring chemicals that do not lead to dependence or addiction.

Scientific evidence points that doing a 30-minute routine of moderate aerobic exercise at least three times a week is effective in alleviating symptoms.

Those who maintain their exercise routine even after being treated of their depression are also less likely to return to a depressed state.


Eat Healthyeat-to-Beat-Depression

Depression tends to disrupt normal eating habits. It pushes  those who suffer the symptoms of depression to either overeat or starve themselves.

Taking control of your eating habits keeps your body nourished. It also restores a certain sense of control over your life, which also in part relieves your state of depression.

Studies show that eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna and salmon, as well as those that are rich in folic acids such as avocado and spinach helps relieve depression by restoring chemical balance in the brain and nervous system.


Meditate To Relax And Ease Depressionmeditate-beat-depression-relax

Anxiety and symptoms of depression can be relieved by giving ourselves some time to relax and clear our mind. Meditation enables deep relaxation.

It will clear the mind of distracting thoughts and focus on proper and deep breathing. It provides us a means to have an altered state of consciousness.

Meditating on a daily basis is a good anti-depression practice.  It trains us to let go of our thoughts and focus our attention on the here and now.

Cultivating  an attitude of acceptance and openness could also help relieve depression and the negative feelings associated with it.

Do Yogayoga-to-beat-depression

Most yoga techniques also involve meditation.  Yoga promotes an added incentive of exercising the body to improve balance, strength and flexibility. It also promotes proper breathing techniques to help clear the mind and focus.

As a whole, yoga works to align the spine and invigorate the nervous system. It improves blood circulation and promotes mental clarity.

A reduction in stress and anxiety will also be noticed.

Yoga is an easy way to promote relaxation and emotional well being. It provides a potent way of alleviating the symptoms of depression.