Hello, My name is Steve Painter, and I have been interested in home remedies and natural healthcare for over 30 years now. I am not an MD or a trained medical professional but I do research and study everything I can about home remedies and treatments.

I began my education on natural health and nutrition by studying books by doctors who were concerned about the safety and side effects of traditional medical treatments in this country.

I started researching natural health and natural cures and found that herbs and natural foods can actually heal the body of several diseases and illnesses without any side effects or other dangers caused by some prescription drugs.

The longer I studied the more it became clear that a lot of the diseases we suffer from are caused by a basic lack of nutrition that could be reversed and/or cured with the use of natural herbs, proper nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

My interest in simple home remedies really got started when I was about 29 years old. I began having really bad flareups of “weeping” eczema on my hands. It got to the point that my fingers were infected, swollen, and painful. The doctor cleared up the infection and began treating me with steroids and it went away.

But as soon as I stopped the treatment it would return with a vengeance. I began researching and found that the long term effects of steroids was not something I was willing to risk. I started reading everything I could about natural cures for eczema and tried quite a few with varying degrees of relief. The one I found that worked best for me was a total body detox with natural herbs.

After the detox was completed I would shred a potato, pack it around my hands wrapped in gauze and leave it on for one hour per night then wash with a mild soap and water. I know, it sounds really silly. But within a two weeks it was cleared up.

A simple potato of all things! Since that time I have only had three flareups and the same treatment works each time. So simple and so safe and no side effects at all.

This is just one example of the value of simple home remedies, all for the cost of a few cheap potatoes and without any dangerous drugs.

Since then, I have continued my search for natural ways to improve health with herbs and nutrition and to raise awareness in people about the value of natural healthcare and home remedies to improve their health as well.