Detox Dieting For Health And Whole Body Cleansing

Explanation of A Detoxification Diet

A detox diet is a technique that removes the toxins from our bodies for increased health and well-being.

You can do this by using certain herbs, eating raw fruits and vegetables, or using a juicing regime all of which are designed to increase the frequency of your bowel movements and urination. Before you try any diet, it is best to consult your doctor.

You might not think you need to detox if you don’t feel anything wrong, but why  should you wait until there is a build up of harmful chemicals and toxins in your body.

Most of us won’t act until we seem to have impaired immune function. So why wait when a few simple steps can prevent things going wrong in the first place.



Fruit And Vegetable Juice Detox Diet



detox-waterFruit juices are considered very effective for detoxification and vegetable juices are the best cellular builders.

There are several veggies and fruits that are excellent to juice for a detoxification diet.

The best of the veggies to use for juice are celery, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, beets, spinach, bell peppers, onion, carrots, dandelion greens, garlic, parsley eggplant,potato, watercress, cauliflower, and zucchini.

Depending on your taste, veggie juice can be taken either hot or cold. However, please be aware that some nutrients are lost in the heating process so for maximum benefit it’s best to drink it cold or room temperature.

The exception to this rule would be tomatoes and spinach as the heat actually releases nutrients that are otherwise hard to absorb in the raw state.

Leafy, green veggies are best for blood disorders and the digestive tract due to their chlorophyll content.It is almost chemically the same as the hemoglobin found in human blood.

The best fruits for juicing are melons (any type), pineapple, cherries, oranges, grapefruit, plums, apricots, pears, apple, peach, limes, and lemons. Be sure to use only fresh, organic fruits and veggies in your detox diet.


How to Successfully Undergo a Detox Diet




If you are nursing, pregnant, or have a serious medical condition, please check with you doctor before starting a detoxification diet.

To prepare for this you need to eliminate, or at least cut way back, on your intake of sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine a week before you begin.

Also, remember to get lots of rest and plenty of water.

You also need to exercise each day prior to, during, after the detox for at least 30 minutes to prepare your body, keep it fit, and keep your energy levels up.

Some detox diets are done with all raw fruits and vegetables, but most want you to consume 85of it raw and 15% cooked.

It’s best to use a juicer but if you don’t have one a blender will work fine. For the next few days, you should consume 64 ounces of vegetable and/or fruit juice along with 6 to 8 glasses of purified water.

Also, if your fruit or vegetable juice recipe calls for any added water remember to use purified or distilled water only.

The detox diet will not only eliminate toxins from your body but it will also improve your digestion, energy, and concentration. You will even notice that you have clearer skin.

After you have finished the detox diet you may resume your old diet but add more fruits and veggies.

Since you now have an explanation of just exactly what a detox diet is you can decide for yourself if this is for you or not. If you do decide to try it, please check with your doctor to be sure that it will be safe for you.