Using Homeopathy As A Cure

Homeopathy is used to treat the symptoms of a condition and not the condition itself. Since ancient Greece we have known that like cures like or that similar conditions could be healed by similar diseases.

Since each condition, illness or ailment has a component of vulnerability, it is likely that we can find ways to battle the symptoms using homeopathy. In this article, we have prepared some maladies with corresponding homeopathic cures.
There are lots of choices with the use of homeopathy, ranging from minerals to seeds. These choices tell us that for every disease there is something in nature that can cure it.
Below are listed 3 common conditions to all ages although some conditions are more prevalent in some age groups.

Homeopathic Treatment For Acne


Acne is the misery of the young and old alike and many do not escape the distressing effects. Some common homeopathic remedies include aromatherapy, herbal medications, creams, and soaps.

All of these have the common goal of eliminating bacteria on the skin and controlling the production of sebum which is a natural lubrication for the skin. Typically, sulfur-based products could help lessen the aggravation of acne.

Cold compresses can also be helpful in reducing the inflammation caused by the protactinium acnes which is the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of clogged pores.

Another great treatment is with the use of banana peels as in the video below.

Homeopathy Treatments For Bad BreathTips-to-Cure-Bad-Breath

Some of the most common homeopathic treatments against bad breath are those that focus on clearing off the bacteria in the mouth, especially sulfur producing bacteria, and in masking off the unpleasant smell.

Herbs are very useful for this problem and some of the very useful herbs are the following:

1.  Eucalyptus. It decreases the amount of bacterial growth in the mouth through the active chemical eucalyptol. That is why it is used in some mouthwashes and toothpaste.

2. Peppermint. Has a pleasant aroma as well as being a good antiseptic.

3. Clove. Respected and used by the ancient Asians to freshen the mouth.

4. Tea tree oil. Has very good disinfectant properties.

Homeopathic Treatments For Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)pink-eye-conjunctivities

Pink eye is a malady that results in the swelling of tissues around the eyelids. It is caused by a virus and the cure requires using something with anti-viral properties.

Typically, eyebright and chamomile offer relief to the symptoms and often work better as a concoction.